Thursday, January 08, 2004

Okay. I can tell you this because you're my friends and won't think less of me than you already do. We had 12 people in the audience for Crazy Love tonight. (Man, am I a draw or what?!) Twelve people. Jesus had twelve disciples and that was plenty for him. I need a few more to feel like I'm doing anything worthwhile. About midway through the show, four of these twelve people left. They said they were "Going to smoke a cigarette". I guess it was a really big cigarette requiring four full grown people to handle it.
That's one third of the audience that left.

That doesn't make me feel good.

You know. Theater is not like a movie. If you get up and leave during a movie, the actors can't see you. I can see you leave, especially when there are only twelve of you to begin with. Would it KILL them to stay until the very end? Then they can leave as a group and talk about how much worse off they all are for having endured the dreadful experience of my show. I think the support would be beneficial for them.

Okay. I'm going to bed now. I gotta get some sleep. We've got 8 people coming to the show tomorrow night and if 4 of them walk out, that's a 50% loss rate...

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