Thursday, March 08, 2007

Have Nuvi Will Travel

I'll be perfectly honest and say, without exaggeration, that I have the worst sense of direction of any living being on earth. In fact, there are non-living beings who are better able to navigate than I am. You'd be better off asking a dead guy for directions than asking me.

Daren Streblow will argue that he's worse with directions than me. But he's wrong. Please visit his website and tell him so.

Anyway, I have purchased this:

nĂ¼vi 360

This is a Garmin Nuvi and it's wonderful. It is the reason I am home writing a blog entry instead of driving in circles around O'Hare airport trying to get to Beecher, Illinois.

It's a sad commentary on my ability to take care of even my most basic needs when I require seven satellites in geosynchronous orbit to keep me from driving into oblivion. I have been to oblivion. It's a scary place.

There are members of my family that don't need a GPS. One in particular (who I will not name but will tell you that I'm married to her) seems to have a sort of internal compass that allows her to always know which direction she's pointing. On top of that, she knows what to do when she's pointing in a particular direction like 'East'. Even if I knew which way I was facing, it wouldn't help me. She sometimes tells me things like, 'You want to turn North at the next corner'. That doesn't help me because I have 'Left' and 'Right' hands, not 'North' and 'South'.

With my Nuvi, I am empowered. I can drive anywhere! ANYWHERE! Just give me an address and I'll be there. It's very liberating. I sincerely hope I get a call to do a show in Timbuktu.

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