Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bill Gaither gave me a bear

Don't Worry. Be Happy

Gund Goober Don't worry be happy

Recently, on a cruise to Alaska with the gang from the Gaither Homecoming, I was given a stuffed bear that sings 'Don't Worry. Be Happy" when you squeeze his paw. This is the first time I've ever been given a singing bear by Bill Gaither. He gave me a book and a keychain that lights up too. He also gave me a can of macadamia nuts, but took them back. Overall, it was a fun experience. I suggest you go to a Gaither concert if you get a chance. (Take your own macadamia nuts.)

An interesting fact about the bear, his lips move in sync to the lyrics, but the sound actually comes out of his backside. I found it quite inspiring that while the bear is clearly in need of medical attention to correct this, he's still not worrying and being happy.

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