Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stop Reading Blogs...Gustav is Coming!

Because canceling the Republican National Convention in St. Paul will go a long way toward thwarting the devastation of a Hurricane in New Orleans, McCain has wisely opted to put the convention on hold so the country can focus on what's most important...watching people evacuate Louisiana.

It goes without saying that the Republicans were directly responsible for Hurricane Katrina since George Bush (a republican) was President at the time Katrina roared into New Orleans just three short years ago. It's obvious to any person with half a wit that the decision to postpone the RNC is inspired not by compassion or concern, but guilt. Had the GOP conceded the election in 2004, Katrina probably would have never happened in the first place.

Does the GOP think this is going to work? Do they think the American public is that stupid? We see right through this flimsy, feigned humanitarianism. The best way you Republicans can prove that you care is for you to get out of the way and let the other party usher in real change. That's what America really needs!

We need a place where Hurricanes don't make landfall. We need a country that doesn't discriminate based on race, gender or even citizenship. We need a government that understands how expensive it is to live in this country and figures out how to make digital cable affordable for all of us! And most importantly, we want to live where terrorists won't hate us anymore.

And that's not the kind of change that the Republicans are talking about.

Now I have to quit writing because even though I live in Indiana, CNN has convinced me that I better board up my windows and stockpile bottled water. Gustav is coming...

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