Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turtle Go Round

Allison, a rescued green sea turtle with only one flipper, swims with the aid of a newly designed neoprene ninja suit in South Padre Island, Texas Wednesday.Turtle rescuers have demonstrated the first fin suit designed to allow a green sea turtle that lost three of its flippers to finally swim a straight line.

Before this, the turtle could only swim in tight circles with her one good flipper.

Progress! I'm not sure how many one-flippered turtles populate the ocean as of this writing, but at last there is hope!  This suit enables these hapless turtles to stop going in circles and get back to the task they were intended to do...swim in a straight line.

Sure, critics might argue that there are better things to spend money on than a high-tech turtle wetsuit, but none of these critics will be one-flippered turtles! It's a safe bet that the critics will be mostly humans, some of whom probably unable to swim at all.

Research should continue and other suits should be developed.  Look at the picture, the swimsuit isn't very flattering.  The next prototype should be a two-piece.  Something with vertical stripes because those are slimming. Am I right?  The poor turtle only has one flipper!  Should she also have to endure that boxy, black suit?  It makes her look as if she has no hips!

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