Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shoot Willy

ORLANDO, Fla. —  Trainers will continue working with a killer whale that grabbed one of their colleagues and dragged her underwater, killing her, but SeaWorld said Thursday it is reviewing its procedures after the attack.

Reviewing the procedures!!? That sounds like a great idea. Here's the current procedure at SeaWorld:
1. Whale approaches platform for petting.
2. Trainer pets whale.
3. Whale kills trainer.

My suggestion would be, at the very least, they should omit step 3 from the procedures.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but might it be time to get rid of that particular whale?  I'm pretty sure it's going to be somewhat challenging finding a new trainer.  Prison guards are at less risk for a number of reasons:
1. There are no prisoners anywhere in the world that weigh 12,000 pounds.
2. There are no prisons under water.
3. Guards are not required to pet prisoners or swim with them.

It's time to free Willy -- or shoot him.  There's certainly no sense in trying to make friends with him.

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IndyLindy said...

AMEN!! Saw you last night with Tim Hawkins... my husband and I thought you were just as hilarious. So nice to know of another great comedian! Thanks for the laughs!!


IndyLindy said...

p.s. - are you opening for Anita Renfroe at The Creek?? That's my church and our women's group, Ignite, is promoting the event! I'll be one of the awesome girls in the pink t-shirts. lol..