Sunday, March 28, 2004

Showtime is sponsoring a television program to find a Presidential Candidate. I'm not kidding. A reality T.V. show, similar to American Idol, but less important because rather than picking a pop-star this show merely picks a person to be commander and chief of the United States. The winner gets a nationwide media appearance and $200,000. You're better off being on Survivor since you get the same media coverage and eight hundred thousand extra bucks. If you opt to appear on "The Bachelor" you get the media appearance and the girl.

This is going to be exellent. The "American Candidate" will be the last one left standing after a grueling series of competitions designed to test their presidential mettle. That should make for fascinating television. It'll be like CSPAN in Primetime.

It's about time we started picking our governmental leaders the same way we pick our entertainment icons. That bodes well for the future of America. Platforms and political views aren't enough. We need a President who's "cool". We need a President who can sing. We need a President who's got good fashion sense and isn't afraid to tear half his jacket off to expose himself if his ratings start to slip.

This should be a great show. I bet Edison, Jefferson and Washington would be thrilled.

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