Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Calling Things Classical

Back a few years ago, composers named their songs by simply describing what they were. "Haydn's Symphony #94 in G Minor". That said it all. Somewhere along the way, song writers stopped doing that. It's probably a good thing. If they hadn't, we've have radio DJs coming on the air saying, "That was Eminem singing 'Explicit, Obscenity ridden song #324.' Next up, 'Fifty Cent abusive-toward-women tune #32'"

We can't just call things what they are. That wouldn't leave us any room to embellish. Kids in school would stand up to give book reports title, "Ramblings on a Book I Didn't Read". And housewives would serve up recipes with names like, "Hastily thrown together stuff from the fridge and peanut butter."

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