Thursday, September 29, 2005


Why, if insects have thousands of eyes, do they keep crashing against the window trying to get out? I'd think something with that many eyes would be able to detect the glass. Wouldn't you? Maybe it's just that insects aren't very smart. I wonder why they're the species that has all the eyeballs. Seems like there are other, smarter animals that would make good use of a compound eye. People, for example. I could use a few thousand more eyes. The two I have require glasses. If I was a bug, if two of my eyes were nearsighted, I wouldn't care! The challenge, I think, would be figuring out which direction I was facing. If I could see all around me at the same time, how would I know which direction I was going to go when I took a step? I'd probably have to keep a couple dozen eyes focused on my feet.

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