Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rise to the Challenge

There's a commercial on the radio near my house

that's trying to get people to work at IBP.

They're ALWAYS trying to get people to come to work at IBP.

That makes sense when you know that IBP is a meat packing company.

They don't mention that in the radio ads.

"Would you like slitting pigs throats?"

"If standing waist deep in entrails appeals to you...have we got a job 4U"

So the commercial has statements of current employees

telling how great it is to work for IBP.

But none of the employees have been there very long.

"I've worked for IBP for three months...I love it."

"I've been at IBP for a couple of weeks and most of the vomiting has already stopped."

One guy actually made this comment.

"I've been at IBP for close to an hour now..."

Okay...I'm exaggerating.

"...and I love this job because it challenges me."

If that's important, you can make any job challenging.

"I love working as a diesel mechanic."

"It's always a challenge because I blindfold myself and I've cut off both thumbs."

"I keep my tools submerged in a vat of electrified water and..."

"I've rescued thousands of swine from IBP and turned them loose in my garage."

"So if you're looking for a job where you don't have to slaughter animals..."

"But you still want a lot of reasons to hate getting up in the morning..."

"Come and be a diesel mechanic."

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