Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hoosier Jubilee

I'm writing some comedy for the weekly radio program, "Hoosier Jubilee".   It's like "Cherry Jubilee" but with Indiana natives. Actually, that's not true. Cherry Jubilee is much better on ice cream than Hoosier Jubilee and Hoosier Jubilee doesn't need to be pitted.

 The program features The Wright Brothers Band and a gang of misfits that calls themselves the 'Lost River Revue'. Listen carefully and you may hear me in one of these segments. The show airs on Sunday afternoon which is probably the BEST time slot for radio programming. I know my family probably isn't the only one that regularly gathers around the radio on Sunday afternoon...

If you're in the area of French Lick, Indiana on Sunday afternoons, and you can tear yourself away from the Blackjack table, come be part of the studio audience!

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