Friday, August 29, 2008

Feet and Fish Food

You can get a fish pedicure for 30 bucks. Now you may ask, why would a fish even need a pedicure since they don't have any feet? And that's a fair question.

The pedicure is not actually performed on the fish, but by the fish. Some spas are now offering to let you soak your feet in a tub full of "Doctor Fish", which are a type of carp. The tiny fish will chew the dead skin off your feet leaving your tootsies soft and smooth.

Those who've undergone the treatment claim that the fish are "gentle" and that the sensation "tickles". I suspect that's the reason that carp are used instead of piranha. While the latter would get the job done faster, the blood in the water would be somewhat off-putting.

Knowing that fish are prone to this kind of behavior, I think I might try baiting my fish hook with cuticles.

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