Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Could Use A Shot Of Eel

In the US, we drink 313 million gallons of energy drinks per year - without harming a single eel. This is important because the people in Japan also drink copious amounts of energy fluid, but their drinks require that eels lay down their very lives in the process. The drink is called "Unagi Nobori" or "Surging Eel" and it's thought to boost stamina in hot weather. One could make the case that it requires quite a bit of stamina to drink eel juice in the first place.

The demand is so high for eel 'squeezins' that some companies are actually committing eel fraud. They're claiming that their eel drink contains imported, Chinese eels when if fact the eels are domestic! Can you imagine the outrage?

"Hey! What gives? This eel has a domestic after-taste!"

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