Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here is an actual email that I received recently.

I'm lady. I have a red hair with copper shimmering. My eyes is black. I am high. I have beautiful butt. My hair is short curly. I live in a big city. I work in heavy industry. I like to watch thrillers. Representations in the performance pop stars on stage. I like music . I like sea. If you talk about me I am interesting woman. Most of all in men I value kindness. When I you noticed theater. I lightning realized that must. Because I can be for you a magical lover or someone great if you want. I'm write me on my e-mail.

I can't wait to meet this lady! She has black eyes. Probably because she has suffered abuse at the hand of some scoundrel who doesn't appreciate her. And she is high! She comes right out and tells me. Nothing to hide. Nothing to feel ashamed about. She's a drug user and that appears to be something that she considers an asset. Then she lists three traits that no man can resist:

  • Short curly hair
  • Lives in big city
It is so difficult to find women who work in heavy industry, especially women who are high! Most of the time these women fall into machinery and it messes up their copper shimmering and beautiful butts. What a wonder this fabulous female is.

The representations in the performance pop stars on stage can only mean one thing. I'm not certain what that is, but it must mean something. It's intriguing at the very least!

She likes sea and she likes music. So she's obviously very cultured or has, at the very least, seen the movie "Titanic".

Unfortunately, I am already happily married so I will not be writing her on her email. However, if anybody reading this post is in the market for a red headed industrial worker with black eyes...she's all yours!

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