Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And They Didn't Slide Down The Pole

WEST SUMMERLAND KEY, Fla.  —  Two 17-year-olds fled from a juvenile diversion program at a Florida Keys campground in a stolen firetruck.  The truck belonged to the chief of the Big Pine Key Fire Department.

So, did the chief leave the keys in the truck while he ran in to Wal-Mart?  It would never occur to me, if I were running away from a juvenile institute to make my getaway in a firetruck.  That seems a little conspicuous to me.  The flashing lights, the siren, you know, that's the opposite of what I would want in an escape vehicle.  I wouldn't climb pull away in the firetruck and think to myself, "This is perfect!  They won't miss this for days!"

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