Monday, June 25, 2012

Need A Piano

A music store put a billboard near my house.
The billboard is three words only, "Need A Piano?"
I wonder how many people hit the brakes and U-turn on the highway...
"Ahhhgh!  I knew I forgot something!"
"Got the eggs, butter and milk...totally forgot the baby grand!"
Maybe the billboard is supposed to create a need.
"I'm lonely and insecure. I have no friends..."
"...I DO need a piano!"
Many people have pianos and they don't know how to play them.
That doesn't happen with other instruments.
People don't put Timpani drums in their living room...
"I just love the way they look under the chandelier."
Certain items don't fit into the category of "impulse buy".
Professional sports teams...
A full grown rhinoceros...
While the rhino seems outrageous, some people buy St. Bernards...
which is pretty much the same thing.
This is a dog for people with the philosophy...
"The pet in our house should eat more than all the people combined."
There is no good explanation for a dog bigger than a motorcycle.
But I've heard people try.
"These dogs are used in mountain rescues!  They save lives!"
So do helicopters.  You should buy one of those.
Put it in your living room under the chandelier.
There should be billboards along the highway...
"Need A Helicopter?"
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1 comment:

Tom Kazansky said...

I actually would go out and try to convince my parents to let me get a helicopter if I saw a billboard that said that.