Friday, June 29, 2012

God's PR Agent is Awesome!

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...
Whenever I hear someone introduced as a "great man of God"...
It makes me wish I wasn't so "average".
It doesn't really electrify an audience...
to be introduced as "a mediocre man of God".
How is this guy with God?
"Eh.  He's okay, I guess."
"Not gonna win any medals."
We say prayers before we eat about God being great.
But this guy is great too.
Maybe we should modify our prayers accordingly.
God is great.  This guy's great.
...So thanks to one of them for our food.
I like the reaction that celebrities get when they announce their faith.
"Did you know that actress is a Christian?"
Really!  She has so much going for her!
Celebrities are special people, aren't they?
God is lucky to have them endorse Him.
"If God's good enough for an Academy Award winner..."
"I'd become a Christian too...
...but did you see what she wore to the premier?"
"If she wears those shoes...
...can we really trust her spiritual convictions?"
But we're impressed when a celebrity talks positively about God.
"Wow!  That guy talked about God on Oprah!"
God's really got some juice, doesn't He? 
Some celebrities are anti-God.
We could introduce them as a "great man of not-God"
"a great man of spontaneous generation"
I heard a celebrity say he was mad at God.
Mad at The One who said,
"This week, I'll make the Universe."
It takes a great man to be mad at that guy.

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