Monday, July 09, 2012


Minimum Octane Rating
Three kinds of gasoline from one pump.
And we're not at all suspicious.
We'd never allow the waiter to get away with that.
"Refill your cup?"
Is it Decaf?
"Yes. It's decaf, regular, ice tea and Dr. Pepper."
"It all comes from the same pot..."
There are three different kinds of gasonline.
Something about octane.
There's more octane in the expensive gas.
Trust them.  It's in there.
And man is it worth an extra twenty cents a gallon!
Higher octane makes you extraordinary.
"I don't like to brag but...91 octane."
"'s the receipt.  I framed it."
I choose my friends based on the octane content of their gasoline.
"Are you putting 87 octane in your car?!"
"...well, we had a good run.  Don't ever call me again."
In some cars, the higher octane makes no difference.
That's weird.
Cars aren't sophisticated enough for the expensive gas.
The motor's not refined.
The good gas is wasted on the trashy, red-neck engines.
Like making a TV dinner and spooning caviar on it.
If octane is so great, lets put it in sports drinks!

Can I get less octane and save money...octane of 2 costs about a nickle.

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