Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nature vs. The Universe

Old Homeopathic belladona remedy
I've a friend who only buys "All natural" products.
Only takes homeopathic medicine.
"These ingredients are natural."
"They occur in nature."
There are no other kinds of ingredients!
Where do pharmaceuticals come from?
Where do we get Morphine?
...We rip open a hole in the space/time continuum
...Reach through and scrape the feezly dust off a jimba-jimba bug
...Living on a mushroom orbiting a mass of pure blue energy in a parallel universe.
..."Gosh.  That's not natural."

I don't understand the "Science" vs. "God" debate.
As if you can't benefit from both.
"Science will one day disprove God."
...And someday, omelets will disprove chickens. 

There aren't any scientific discoveries God didn't intend for us to make.
If he wanted us stupid, He shouldn't have given us brains.
Should have made us like slugs or beetles or moths
...or movie stars.
I don't go along with the Christians who say:
"Everything man needs to know is in the Bible."
Which Bible is that?
...the one mass produced by the printing press?
..."No, the one on my iPhone."
God doesn't oppose science.
He never slapped His hand to his head
"No!  They've discovered the atom!
..."I thought I made it small enough!"

Humanists will say our brains are amazing.  Astounding.
We marvel at the human brain.
But we use our brains to do the marveling.
The brain marvels at itself.  The brain blows our minds.
We have no idea how the brain works.
There's a lot of complex language that results in no information.
Pick a sense.  Sight. We have no idea how it happens.
"Light passes through the lens and hits the back of the eye and signals are passed through the optic nerve to the brain where they are interpreted and see stuff."
It's kind of like children's explanations for cookies.
"Mom goes to the kitchen and cookies appear."

What caused Richard Dawkins?
His parents,  caused by their parents, caused by their parents...
Caused by some apes
Caused by some reptiles
Caused by some fish
Caused by some single celled protozoa
Caused by some lifeless slime
Caused by some aqueous anomoly on a planet
Caused by an explosion caused by...nothing.

Even the things we 'know'
...we don't REALLY KNOW 
We've been describing the procreation process for centuries
Two single cells unite...begin are formed...blah blah.
The very first step is impossible to imagine.
My parents had sex!
...Ugh! I can't wrap my mind around it!
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Rebecca Welch said...

This argument always makes me blink a few times. I am a scientist by trade, and I just don't see the conflict.

Example, if you are passionately, madly, devotedly, crazy in love with someone, you're going to want to know everything you can about them, yes? You're going to want to know about their job and their hobbies and really anything you can learn.

The operation of the world we live in is the job of God; why would those that love him not want to learn as much as possible about that?

Good science, real science, the kind with integrity, the kind that happens in reputable labs and institutions, will NEVER falsify as result. Why would we? Even a negative result is a result, and both failure and success add to the store of gathered knowledge.

Simple logic: If God is, science cannot prove He isn't. God is, and as such, science is merely one way to examine the fingerprints He left while he was writing us this love letter called existence.