Thursday, August 16, 2012

Too Big for Football


Every now and then I read a story that renews my faith in mankind.
Not very often though.
I read about a 12 year old boy in Texas
barred from playing Pee Wee Football
because he stands six foot tall and weighs 300 pounds.
For those of you who've never seen an average 12 year old,
that's big.
For those of you who've never seen a baby giraffe,
that's still big.
The amusing aspect of this story is the boys parents
needing to be told
"He can't play on the Pee Wee League."
Did they only consider his age?
"Well, he's 12.  He qualifies!"
 As if AGE is the primary, athletic consideration.
I know if I get hit by a truck, my first question will be
"What year was that manufactured?"

What did they think was going to happen
when other parents saw their children
squaring off opposite a full grown man?
"Look, honey!  Our boy is getting flattened by a giant!
Take a picture!"
How would they feel if they looked on the field
and saw their son facing off against a tractor?
(He might actually do pretty well.)

I don't blame the kid at all.
If I were him, I'd try out for everything.
I could BE the wrestling team.
Imagine the savings to the school.
Booster club only has to buy one uniform.
Probably wouldn't need to hire a coach.
Just have somebody tell me,
"Go stand on the mat and knock down everybody
except the guy in the striped shirt."
I would take the opposing team all at once.
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