Thursday, March 07, 2013


A few years back I was discussing the concept of missions with someone.
Missions being ministry related activities in foreign countries.
The person with whom I was speaking said,
"We need to first take care of the people right here at home!"
I agree with this sentiment completely
...if home is in Uganda or Haiti.

 I heard an actual child living in this "U.S. Mission Field" say,
"There's nothing to eat because Mom mixed Cocoa Puffs and Cheerios in the same box!"
This is truly the sort of suffering that demands the church's immediate attention!

Let's put this kid's picture on a postcard.
Show him seated behind his bowl of mixed cereals
Caption the photo with:
"Won't you share your Lucky Charms with this child?"

Sure there are children STARVING in Haiti,
but right here in America we have kids who've run out of Pop-Tarts!
They have to eat school lunch and
sometimes school lunch contains vegetables.
Icky vegetables!
And let's be brutally honest, pizza is terrible.

In my humble opinion, we do have a shortage here in America
...but it's not food we're lacking.
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