Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Harry vs. Hannah

Harry Potter 2011 Blu Ray Years 1-8 Box Set Cover

When Harry Potter went to Hogwarts...
...a lot of people went berserk.
"It's teaching kids that magic is okay!"
Yep. After they saw that movie...
My kids started using invisibility to eavesdrop on conversations.
...they regularly traveled through time.
...I hid my broom because they kept flying it around the neighborhood.
Finally, I had to confront them.
"It's just a movie," I said.
"You shouldn't do everything you see in the movies."
When Miley Cyrus became a rock star...
...nobody went berserk.
"It's teaching kids that magic is okay!"
Nobody said that.
A little girl with no visible means of income...
...who never requires music lessons
...or practice a part time super-star
...who changes her hair color... blend in as an "ordinary teenager"
...among her biggest fans!
If Harry had met Hannah, she could have taught him to hide from Voldemort.
When Hannah went to the VMA
...a lot of people went berserk.
"We didn't expect THIS from Hannah!"
For a girl who grew up as a celebrity... transform into a well adjusted, ordinary adult...
...requires real magic.
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