Thursday, September 05, 2013

How We Should Define Marriage

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Why is it that only married people can get divorced?
Shouldn't divorce be available to everybody...equally?
It's time that divorce be made to reflect the values of our culture.
Any two people should be allowed to divorce.
If they truly despise one another
...should they be denied a divorce simply because they aren't married?
And it's high time we redefine marriage.
Marriage ought to be between at least 2 people.
Any 2 people should be considered married if they've ever
...ridden together on any form of public transportation.
It must be PUBLIC transportation.
...otherwise the whole concept will seem ridiculous.
You're not married to your best friend just because in 3rd grade, gave him a ride on your bike handlebars.
...that's just silly.
"So are the hundreds of people on Delta 3091 all married to each other?"
Every passenger on any bus, plane or taxi is automatically married to every other passenger
...and the pilots too (or bus driver).
...and taxi driver (so follow your heart when hailing a cab).
They are entitled to the same rights and privileges that marriage affords traditional couples.
"But what if I don't WANT to be married to all those people?"
You're going to have to get over your phobias. can't choose who you love.
"My house isn't big enough for a few hundred spouses to live in!"
Grow up!
...You all move in with whoever owns the biggest house.
Or don't.
You're a blended family now.
Live wherever you want.
"But I ride the train every single day!"'re going to have a HUGE family.
"If I ride on a bus with my sister, that's incest!"
Religion has nothing to do with this.
And if memory serves me...
...Religion is responsible for the arcane notion of 'one man and one woman'.
...and NOTHING good has come from that out-dated model.
It's time for marriage to be open for everybody.
There will be millions of people who object
Should my views be ignored just because
... I don't make up a whopping 3% of the population?
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